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Houston Restaurant & Cafe

Dandelion Cafe

Always offering fresh and local food with friendly service and a vibrant environment.

Always offering fresh and local food with friendly service and a vibrant environment, Dandelion Cafe makes breakfast your favorite meal of the day and leaves you looking forward to seeing us again tomorrow!

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Delicious, Fresh & Local

Locally-owned and operated, Dandelion Cafe’s food and coffee are made-to-order every day. Enjoy delightful freshness in every bite.

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Friendly Staff & Service

We aim to brighten your day by doing more than cooking and serving delicious food.

Dandelion aims to brighten your day by doing more than cooking and serving delicious food. Whenever you walk through our doors, your experience will be a positive one thanks to our friendly staff.

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Daily Specials

For Dine-In Only
Only Available At Our Bellaire Location

Mimosa Mondays - Buy 1 Get 1 for 1¢

Taco Tuesday - BOGO

Hump Day Wednesday - Half Off Pancakes

Thirsty Thursday - Get a smoothie, mimosa, or beer for $3 all day.

Pastry Hour: 50% off pastries Mon-Fri 2pm-4pm.


Sneak Peek Of Our Menu

Blueberry Lemon Curd French Toast Stix

Foccacia French toast sticks topped w/ blueberry compote, lemon curd, candied lemon peel & whipped cream

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Black Bean Tostada

3 corn tostadas w/ black bean spread, oaxaca, 1 egg, salsa, avocado, queso fresco, fresh cilantro & a lime wedge

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Order Pickup or Delivery

If you're on-the-go or want to enjoy our food at home, leave it up to us to have your food ready when you want it.

Family Packs

Enjoy a fresh meal for the whole family!

Dandelion Cafe

In 2016, Dandelion Cafe officially opened its doors as a new and lighthearted coffee shop. We have since expanded into a restaurant complete with a large menu, elevated breakfast and lunch foods, as well as high-end coffee. We take great pride in brightening your day with great food, friendly service, and a vibrant, natural environment. Whether you’re dining in or taking your order to go, we can’t wait to meet you!


Community Involvement
& Events


Organizations We Work With


Our Commitment To Our Community

Dandelion Cafe is committed to serving our community by providing a delicious and inviting experience with a smile each and every day.

Sarah Lieberman

Private Event Booking

Rent out our lively venue and indulge in our family packs for your next event!

See What People Are Saying About Us

  • Extremely personable! Great customer service! Very nice aesthetics! The coffee is strong and the pancakes are delicious! Will happily come back to try more food!
  • Homemade, delicious breakfast! The bread is superb and better than Cracker Barrel. The place is a little warm, but I don't mind because I'm always cold. So, if you get hot easily, be prepared. The food makes it all worth it. I will definitely come back again!!
  • “A Breakfast to Remember at the Dandelion Cafe 🌼🥞🥓” Walking into the Dandelion Cafe, I was transported to a whimsical meadow picnic, complete with charming origami flowers and a breezy vibe that made me forget I was in the city. 🌸🧺 First, let’s talk about the pancake. This was no ordinary flapjack. It was a fluffy, golden disc of heaven, so big that it could double as a frisbee. Each bite was like munching on a cloud, if clouds were made of buttery, syrup-soaked dreams. 🥞✨ I also had the bacon! 🥓 It was nice and crispy. If you’re looking to start your day with a smile and a side of crispy perfection, the Dandelion Cafe is your ticket. Just make sure to bring a big appetite and maybe a friend to help tackle that giant pancake. 🌸🥞✨ Overall: 10/10 for taste, ambiance, and unexpected paper flowers
  • We went for brunch (really late lunch) around 2p on a Saturday. We came in for the (famous) Chicken & Waffles - they unfortunately were sold out for the day (no surprise when we realized they marinate the chicken for 24 hours and it was 2 hours before closing). But we came for food and that wasn’t the only thing we had planned to get 🤗. For drinks I got a small latte and my husband got the Caribbean Breeze Smoothie. I learned later that the cafe started as a coffee shop, so their fully outfitted coffee options make sense, the small latte was the perfect size for me. The smoothie was also delicious and fresh! For food we got 3 different entrees: Black Bean Tostada - this turned out to be our favorite entree of the spread. It seems like they were out of whole toasted tortillas, or they have switched to tortillas chips, but I think it was better with the chips because it was easier to eat without having the break the tortillas. Perfect balance of all the different components of the dish Strawberry Cream French Toast was our next favorite of the dishes; it came with 3 pieces of French toast and we each had 1 and then took the last piece home (which was still delicious later). The fresh strawberries with the cream and strawberry filling were divine! Skillet Biscuit & Gravy was our least favorite. It was still good (and we still finished it) but I think the biscuit was a little dry. We asked for some strawberry jam that we added to it that added a sweetness to it that was nice; but when we go back we’ll pass on this dish. Overall, food was great, service was excellent and the space was beautiful. When we left around 3p the space was still having people come in to eat (before the 4p close) and there was space for people to sit and eat.
Check Out Our Chicken & Waffles!